self made billionaire at young age

The World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire and what it tells us about the Future

In the past decades and throughout the history of modern business, Billionaire’s weren’t built in a year, especially the self-made kinds. It took decades of effort in an industry that was new and upcoming.

In a lot of cases, a first generation business would never be able to create a Billionaire as well. It would be the heirs of the first entrepreneur who would breach the landmark.

In the past two decades, a major shift has taken place in the technology industry and it has impacted business as a whole. The Internet’s growth has been so unprecedented and along with it, businesses built on top of that have also reached dizzying heights of growth in such a short span time. Bezos, Musk, The Google Guys are all examples of this.

Then, Mark Zuckerberg came in and became the world’s youngest billionaire in his 20’s. The 20’s is still considered the fountain of youth. And the late 20’s was still the last remnants of youth where you could still get away transgressions of the simplest nature – Not holding a job, hot having a steady relationship etc.

The 20’s was also a very important age-decade primarily for sportspersons and still slightly lesser for actors. But for these industries, age went hand in hand with their profession. You can be too old to be a sportsperson and for the movies, age defines the kind of roles you get as well.

Business has changed to such an extent that people in their 20’s are creating Billion dollar companies and they are getting younger and younger. Evan Spigel, the man behind Snapchat got in early when he was 25. Now he’s 26.

One more man, who is younger to him by 2 months has joined this list and he’s one half of the collision brothers who started stripe.  – John Collison

John collision is a millennial billionaire and that’s saying something. This isn’t an article that pushes the agenda for starting a business at a very young age and making a billion dollars. Nobody needs so much pressure in life. Is isn’t worth it, if you a goal only to make a billion.


This article is about opportunities in this world. This world is more open than ever to create a business that changes the landscape. Two impenetrable businesses are being disrupted. The space Industry and the very old industry of Economy itself. Talking about the latter, Bitcoin is a new currency conjured up out of mid-air which is being adopted in droves. It isn’t reached a level that we can call mainstream, but it’s promising.

The space industry was controlled by the public sector in most countries and now Elon Musk with his space company has privatized this enterprise and oh so successfully. The old is being questioned, people are more at a place to make informed decisions about themselves and social media has also helped in adoption of newer technologies easy.

There has been no perfect time to start a business in the technology space. There’s access to technology, like penguins going to hunt in the sea, more and more young people are taking the plunge.  Technology is growing rapidly. But still there are problems in the world, there are huge and open problems.

Problems means, somebody needs to solve it and that means an opportunity.  The world’s youngest self-made billionaire should  give you hope to start a business and build it successfully, the world is waiting.