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Ways to EARN extra INCOME in Singapore

Earnings never end with your regular paychecks. If one genuinely looks forward to earning more especially in costly Singapore, there are a number of ways to increase your financial strength along with your regular income. Regular jobs have a hectic schedule and demand a massive time investment. However, the side income that we earn from different activities is such that have their own flexibility and has no barriers to entry. Let us find out the top mysteries to make money through various exciting activities that will never interrupt your present work and instead help you gain your financial goals.

Travel Consultant

This is one of the best opportunities for the ones who love travelling and have an excellent knowledge of it. If you are a travel lover, you presumably might frequently browse travelling websites. Then why not plan to make one yourself a private travelling agent. This being a job where you need to gain the trust of your customers, start with your own family and friends. These people can utterly rely on you to get cheapest flight options and get complete knowledge about the activities to do at the holiday destination. Once you have gained trust and confidence in your circle, it is entirely possible that they might recommend you to their friends further. The best way to increase referrals is through affiliate marketing. Some travel bloggers introduce great air flight promotions on their Singapore Blog.

Satisfying customers and growing your market reach can fetch you a fabulous side income. Moreover, these earnings are simply a credit of your love for travel turning your knowledge and hobby to an earning opportunity.


Are you qualified with the high school standardised tests? If yes, then there’s a marvellous coaching opportunity as teenagers and parents are eager to look for teachers qualified with the high-profile tests. With such a competitive environment in Singapore, one is likely to earn at least $100 an hour for the kids are ready to pay for the services and get the best college through their entrance exams. Being highly qualified with the tests, knowledge and recommendations from your previous students, you are likely to make your side business big enough charging students on an hourly basis and gaining huge financial strength.

Creating online courses

Are you a master in any of the field of information and knowledge? Be it online marketing, coding, subject expertise or anything else; this knowledge can help you create a great online money-making opportunity without having to sacrifice your daily job. Just like many websites who share numerous online courses, you could start with your own portal where you can share everything that you know. The interested people looking for the same educational courses can be your regular customers and can build your portal a large educational platform. As the website makes a reputation by helping students gain knowledge, there is an extensive exposure to earning additional income without quitting your job. UDEMY is a great portal to start off with.

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Instagram Marketing

Instagram has become a huge marketing platform. It is a platform used by most of the companies to gear up and sell product and services through Instagram marketing. As most of us love social media, Instagram marketing can be real fun. One can build up a huge Instagram following and share content related to the products you want to sell. A large number of companies’ approach influencers and marketers to get their brand promoted online. Instagram can fetch you huge income simply with the use of a smartphone in your free time. If you make 1,00,000 followers, research says you are likely to earn $5000-10000 each month. Charges range from $500 to $5000 for every post.

Repairing of USED electronic devices

Usually, people sell their faulty mobile phones, laptops, camera without looking for the fault in them. They are unable to find the cause of malfunctions leading to selling off their old stuff at very low prices. Now, if you are a gadget lover or have quite good knowledge about gadgets, you could probably refurbish the devices and resell at better prices. There are a number of websites that provide a platform to sell old stuff. Repairing used electronic devices and reselling could fetch you that extra income you’ve been looking for in your free time. Set up a CAROUSELL account to post your ads!

Buy and sell domain names

This business has been running for quite an extended period of time. People make numerous websites with innovative names and make regular investments. Later, they sell it at a better rate to the customers who’d prefer the same name for their personal websites. This is a perfect idea to earn side income or pocket money for anywhere who has knowledge of domains. Usually, the regular school or college going students make their pocket money through buying and selling of domain names.


So, this one is for all the photography lovers who’d love to sell their photographs. Images possess a licence and copyrights that are used commercially. A lot number of platforms like iStockPhoto and ShutterStock provide an earning opportunity for photographers to earn money. For every click that is licensed, you will make some money or royalty on the same.

Make money with your car

There exist various ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber that can put you and your car into making some money, but there are plenty other options to make money with your vehicles. For example, get your car an insurance policy, and further rent it for a good sum of money. Moreover, with companies like Carsome and Carro, one can generate income through vehicle advertising.

Pet care

Today’s world is a busy life for each and every individual; there is a huge demand for dog sitting services. People look for individuals who could take care of their pets and give them the necessary time, affection and attention. Thus, if you have a lot of free time after your regular job, you could earn money spending time with pets. The role can be expanded with the addition of more services like dog walk or pet grooming. However, one needs the appropriate licence to do either of them.

Online surveys

With the increasing competition among numerous brands, a market study is done on a very colossal scale. People in the market are given a paid opportunity to fill up surveys for that will help companies make a reliable market analysis. Thus, on lazy Sundays, answering survey questions can again fetch you an addition to your daily income.

Final word

We generally tend to waste our time watching TV or sit idle during free time. One has to merely find out ways to earn money converting his hobbies to an earning opportunity. Our hobbies can contribute a huge income if we have an idea of converting the same into money.

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