Three Hottest Online Courses in Singapore

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Singapore is the crossroads of the world and enjoys many benefits that begin with its strong ties around the world, a powerful economy, high quality of life, and superb universities. For those living in the region, learning online courses is a way to get ahead and find better employment in this bustling city.

Today, there are three courses Singapore residents can greatly benefit from if you are looking to improve your career.

Engineering and Electronics

With the rise in development around Southeast Asia, there is increasing demand for engineering, electronics, and the chemical industries. Electronics in particular has been part of the foundation of Singapore’s growth in recent years in the manufacturing sector. There are many multinational companies that operate in Singapore and have helped to provide considerable growth since the turn of the century. In turn, the growth from the electronics field has spurred interest in other areas as well such as engineering. Positions such as IC designer, test development and process development engineer are highly sought-after skills which who are learning online courses can take advantage of and create a better career as a result.

Finance & Banking

This is a rather obvious one since Singapore is the centre of banking and finance in all of Southeast Asia. As the fourth largest financial centre in all the world, the need for those with banking and finance degrees is substantial. Over one-fifth of Singapore’s gross national product is based in financial services. Growth in the banking and financial industry can hit double digits in certain years which is why the demand for these services are so prominent.

Communication & Media

One of the best developed telecommunication facilities in all of Southeast Asia which grew an average of 6.8% every year from 1997 to 2008 the demand is still very high in this industry. There are major international media groups here ranging from Disney to Lucasfilm, EA Games, ESPN, MTV, and more. With a globalized workforce and many opportunities in this particular industry that are only expected to grow considerably in the foreseeable future, taking learning online courses can help open up your opportunities for employment in this particular field.

There are a number of courses Singapore universities are offering that include institutions such as the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technology University.

The government in Singapore has developed several courses of action to meet the employment needs in these particular areas and more to ensure that there is continued growth. The aforementioned universities are expanding programs and reaching out in part with new degrees and learning online courses that aim to build in several different industries.

Skillsfuture Accredited Courses

For those living in Singapore and looking for new careers, there are many online courses Singapore residents can take in association with universities that can provide a new path and many opportunities for getting into electronics, engineering, communications, and finances or banking. You can claim your Skillsfuture credits while taking up online courses like Udemy and Coursera.  

With each of these industries expanding considerably and demand rising, the time is now for those living in Singapore who want to take a new direction to act today.

By Jon Ng