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These 10 Youtube Influencers raked in 180 Million Dollars last year

There has never been a better time to be a Youtube star and there has never been a worse time to start a Youtube channel. Many people suggested that Facebook will eat Youtube when they started their video service, but the opposite has rung true. Youtube is the largest video platform in the world and it has gone to become a behemoth that has more than a billion users using their service. Youtube popularity is directly proportional to the popularity of its top stars! 


You might have heard of Pewdiepie. Even if you don’t know who he is, you might have heard about his antics. But this post isn’t about Pewdiepie, it’s about how much he raked in last year! 


Any guesses? 


It was $15 million. Now when the internet started, people thought to make money was a hobby and pastime and honestly, for a lot of these Youtube stars, it was a pastime when they began. But now, it’s a real business that is bigger than many other businesses out there. 


So who are the top Youtube stars and how much did they make? 


#10 – Logan Paul 


Logan Paul runs a comedy Youtube channel where he runs a daily vlog of his life. He is a controversial Youtuber with over 26.5 million subscribers over all his channels. 


Earnings : $14.5 million 


Logan Paul also sells his own merchandise, branding deals and other sponsors.


#9 – Pew Dew Pie 


Pew Dew Pie is also controversy’ love-child. Known for his outrageous fights with other Youtube channels. His real name is Felix Arvid and has 99 million subscribers as of this date. He is a game reviewer and plays online games and reviews them and records them. 


Earnings : $15.5 million


At 29 years of age, Pew Die Pie maybe not the highest earning Youtuber, but he is certainly the most popular and most followed channel. 


#8 – Jacksepticeye



Another big-time game reviewer is Jacksepticeye. He has 22 million followers and then reacts to games and also reacts to other funny videos. 


Earnings : $16 million


Jacksepticeye is a new entrant as he did not make the list in 2017. He also makes money off of a Disney collaboration and live streaming on twitch. 


#7 – VanossGaming 

Another gaming afficionado on the list is Evan Fong from VanossGaming. He joined Youtube in 2011 and is 28 years old. He is a video-game commentator like the others in the list and has over 24 million subscribers. 


Earnings: $17 million 


#6 – Markiplier 


Mark Edward Fishbach also known as Markiplier is a Youtuber that focuses on gaming videos, sketch comedy and aprodies. In terms of versatility, Markiplier is pretty versatile compared to other Youtubers who do similar things. He has a following of 24 million. 


Earnings : $17.5 million 


#5 – Jefree Star


jefree star

Jefree Star is one of the most popular cosmetic beauty bloggers online. He has 15 million subscribers and runs his own business line called Jefree Star cosmetics. 


Earnings : $18 million


Known for his flashy style and amazing makeup tutorials and reviews, he is the number one beauty Youtuber in the planet! 


#4 – DanTDM


DanTDM is a British Youtuber with over 21 Million followers. He primarily does gaming videos and specializes in Minecraft videos. He recently was nominated for Gamer of the Year in the Teen Choice Awards. 


Earnings : $18.5 million


He has his own branded merchandise store that sells tees, mugs and more! 


#3 – Dude Perfect 

dude perfect

One of the truly creative and exciting channels is that of Dude Perfect. They are a bunch of dudes known for their sports tricks and comedies. They really have a truly unique channel and they sell merchandise too. The team comprises of five guys – Tyler Toney, Cody Jons, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton and Garett Hilbert.


Earnings : $20 Million 


They are only one of the three Youtube influencers who have hit the $20 million mark. 


#2 – Jake Paul 

jake paul


Jake Paul is the brother of Logan Paul and his Youtube infamery rules the internet. He has 19 million subscribers and is one of the biggest celebrities on the internet! He does pranks, documents his life, sells merchandise and even made a foray into the music business.


Earnings : 21.5 million  


#1 – Ryan Toys Review 

ryan toys review

The number one Youtuber for 2018 out beat everybody and it’s a 7-year-old kid, Ryan! Ryan is a pretty unknown Youtuber to the general crowd but his channel has 21 million subscribers. Ryan does toy reviews along with his mum and dad and they shoot funny videos too. 


Earnings : $22 Million


Is being a Youtube Star a legitimate reality? 


When the channel started in 2005, it was mostly used as a platform to upload a few videos and share a few favourite ones. But over time, Youtube started monetizing their platform and as Youtubers started raking in the money, they decided that they have a possibility of making a full-time income from this. 


The present scenario of Youtube is a bit tricky. It’s not that easy to make a breakthrough as Youtube generally supports channels that have been on the platform for quite some time. 

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