So what is Social Trading? Etoro Singapore – Anyone heard of it?

social trading singapore

The power of the crowd has been leveraged in the recent past with startups like Kickstarter. Even startups like Uber need multiple people to use it for it to be an effective service. Quora also has leveraged the power of the crowd for knowledge transfer and sharing.

Now, you can use the power of the crowd to make money! Social Trading is a new concept formulated by Etoro where the knowledge of all traders are used and one can benefit from it. So if you have a trading account in Etoro, you can follow other traders and how they perform and you can also copy trades. This means, your portfolio will resemble the other trader’s portfolio and you will benefit from their success! It’s the fastest way for an amateur to become a professional. No questions asked.

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If you want to go a bit more in-depth, then read on. How can Etoro make you a much better trader?

  • Live Feeds – Learn to be a better trader, faster.

For a very long time, a lot of Institutional traders have sat in their homes and traded. They’ll have a glance at the Television and get stock tips and advice. But there is no improvement in trading skill. Trading to a certain extent is skill. Understanding the trends of the market as well as price movements, predicting policy changes that will affect the market and so on. There will be traders better than you and you won’t know how they perform without seeing them trade. Have you seen movies about the stock market? They will all have a bunch of traders together in the same room. There is a lot of valuable learning you get there you do not get when you are alone.

You need to use a platform that can help you see the trades of other top traders and this will increase your learning in multitude ways. Etoro’s platform has the ‘Live Feeds’ option where you can see peoples live trading feeds and immediately learn. If you are a new trader then you can observe trades for the first few weeks before you get started.

  • Follow the best – Understand how the best traders make decisions

There will be superstar traders out there who will be making a killing. These guys have honed their skills after years and years of practice and mistakes and learning. Why wouldn’t you want to be associated with them? You would. Where do you find these kinds of traders online? You won’t be able to. The best way to judge a trader is by his work. A good trader will make some fabulous trades and even if he makes mistakes, it’ll be very small scale. That’s the way money in the stock market is made. You can follow traders through Etoro and find out what they are up to and check their specific market activity.


Your Social Investment Network

Your Social Investment Network

  • Be the best – Replicate the success of the best in the business

What if you are a novice and you can get the same success of a professional trader? Doesn’t that sound like money in the bank? Etoro has built their platform in such a way that you can “Copy” the best trader’s trades and it will be immediately applied to your account. It’s like George Soros Investing for you. That is just magical. Even as a small time trader you can trade like the best and based on the trades you’ve copied you can understand the patterns of trading and implement it directly. This kind of help is unheard of. Most Investment bankers will charge thousands and thousands of dollars for any services like this and with Etoro all you have to do is “Copy” and you will be trading like a professional!

Who is this good for?

  • You are a young trader and want to get good at trading and learn from the best and become the best.
  • For seasoned traders who want to take their game to the next level and also become popular in the Investment community as an authority, this can be a perfect platform.

Join Etoro’s platform and sign-up and explore the world of Social Trading!