How to Invest in Singapore with Little Money

invest singapore with little money

Our schools really should be teaching us about how to Invest our time and money. We are always investing something, if you think about.

How you think of where to put money and time and how much of it to put can define your future. In this post, we are laying down what we are going to do at Investollo and what is the core of our service.

So how should you be investing your time and money? And why should you be listening to us.

We are a team of Stock Brokers and Investment Professionals as well as Startup Founders and Authors. We’ve done our research and spent time in the Industry and we know how it works.

Your time currently is probably spent on

  • Working out a little bit, maybe a sport
  • A job
  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Traveling

For those of you who want to improve your financial and personal life in the future, you have to think of things you do now that can drastically make more time for yourself in the future.

When you grow older, it’s actually a race against time. You’ll have the money, but you won’t have the time to enjoy yourself and do whatever you want.

Here’s what you should Invest your time on.

9 ways to better your self-investment

  • One Core Skill

invest money with little money

A core-skill is what makes you sought after. You may be a very good designer; developer, marketer or you may be in Sales or an engineer. This main skill is what brings you money on a monthly basis. You always need to maximize this potential. In terms of developing your skill and also in terms of finding opportunities that make more money.

At Investollo, we break down skill sets and show the opportunities for a particular skill set and how to expand your potential and money-making capabilities.

The main thing about this is making more time for yourself and earning the same amount of money to maintain your lifestyle.

Never begrudge the money you spend on your own education.” Self learning is door to your highest potential. “If you work hard on your job you will make a living, if you work hard on yourself you will make a fortune

By: Jim Rohn

  • Other Skills

There are some complimenting skills that you need to make you earn more money in the future. You need to learn how to be a speaker and you need to know how to build a brand. All these skills are extremely important in getting ahead in life. Spending time on sites like Quora and answering questions in your niche can build your brand.

Getting speaking engagements teaches you about talking.

  • Health

Having a fit body lets you do a lot more in terms of physical efforts and also keeps your brain sharp by helping you learn faster. It also boosts your confidence and in the long-term saves you a lot of money in medical bills. This is an obvious piece of advice, but something that is rarely followed. You need to give time for the gym and time for eating right at home, if you have to cook your own meals. Even if you spend a little more money on healthier food options, go for it.

  • Networking

This word has taken such a beating over the past decade. Networking isn’t about handing your business card to everybody you see. In my personal life, I am writing a book, I run a business, I’ve sold a business previously and what all these things had in common were the people I met.

I met them in events, co-working spaces and coffee shops. They were absolutely random meetings. If your skillset is clear, then you are a valuable person and you could collaborate with people with much higher potentials.

So to be networking, be more open and talk to people randomly. Go to events, programs and places where you can meet new people. The right people play an important role to your growth. Networking enables you to work with extremely talented people.

  • Hobbies

Hobbies are good because they keep your creative juices flowing. This isn’t a job and you need to work on other aspects in life that isn’t a job. Hobbies require a different part of your mental make up and helps you think differently. It brings discipline without the pressures of work.

  • Pursue Opportunities

This is what Investollo is about as well. We want to breakdown Industries and Business Opportunities for people to follow. You could want to do something part-time or something full time. Capital Intensive or Time Intensive. We believe there are a lot of money making opportunities for different set of people with different skills. Think of it as a stock market for business opportunities. We break down current trends and future ideas and industries like never before.

  • Friends and Family

Time with Family and Friends is very important to keep your lighter side in the picture. This is the time where you love, laugh and live. This is what life is for ultimately.

  • Travel

Travel expands your horizons like nothing before. You see how other people live, you see how other people communicate, the products they use and so on. Travelling gets your brain thinking of ideas.

  • Reading

A lot of people don’t take advantage of this simple but mind-expanding tool, books. Sitting where you are, you can expand your mind to include thoughts that you’ve never thought of before. Reading makes you creative, knowledgeable and lets your brain make connections of things that can be truly original to the world.

Investing in Singapore with Little Money

People get this aspect completely wrong. Where you put your money today, decides your future. Everybody is busy in thinking about their retirement. Just like you, your money can work for you.

Currently, people Invest money in

  • Maybe a few stocks and funds
  • A bond of some type
  • Invest in a house

You have to be more deliberate with how much money you spend. The best way to be Investing your money is in

  • You – Picking up the right skills

invest singapore with no money

Investing money in your own education, skills, and grooming is extremely important. This is the ladder you consistently keep climbing even if everything else in life goes downhill. Pay money for courses and skills that will make you more in demand. Invest in good work clothes, because people do judge.

Invest in a speaking course, to be able to get speaking engagements. Invest in a ghost-writer to write out your thoughts about your industry to build up your branding.

  • Stocks and Shares and Funds and Bonds

This is an obvious choice, but a lot of people make big mistakes here. If you don’t know where to put your money, hire a manager or a low-cost hedge fund to put your money in.

  • Your Businesses

Starting a business, even a side business can be one of the best moves you can make in your life. It opens you to business without having to take a huge risk and lose it all. Generally side-businesses make you a decent monthly income. There are huge opportunities that people don’t tap into to improve their incomes considerably.

  • Other businesses

Investing in other growing businesses is important. It is a must-have in your portfolio if you want to see immense growth.  There are opportunities all around us and it’s definitely important to tap into them.

You need to remember that Bill Gates isn’t wealthy just because of his shares in Microsoft but because of his investments in other companies and startups.