luxury travel resort south east asia

Invest to pamper yourself with the most LUXURIOUS RESORTS in South East Asia

Lately, tourists have started to incline towards resorts as they are more comfortable than opting for mere hotels. Resorts offer the comfort of a hotel plus all the entertainment facilities and natural environment which cater to both children and the adults. Open air swimming pools, big gardens, playgrounds and loads of nature comprises a resort. Therefore, resort works as a spa treatment which relaxes all the joints and muscles of the human body and releases all the toxins from one’s mind and soul. Business tycoons have started to invest in natural resorts rather than in a hotel building. Customer’s taste and preferences are dynamic, and so is the business world. Hence, business people in the hospitality field has manifested the needs and wants the customer and tried to make their stay as lively and serene as possible.

There are many beautiful natural resorts in the world one can put their hands on for their next visit. From island resorts in a country like Maldives to all-inclusive resorts to destination resorts to recreation resort to timeshare resorts and historic resorts etc.

Here are ten resorts in the South Eastern Asia which offer both modern luxuries along with the luxury of nature.

  • Mulu Marriott Resort and Spa (Sarawak, Malaysia)

The selling point of this resort is that it is in proximity to Gunung Mulu National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage) which is full of steep mountain peaks, dark caves which are the way to mysterious waterfalls, and picturesque valleys. This resort is also a heaven for bird watchers waiting to have a peek at rare and exotic bird species. Your morning alarm is the harmonious songs sung by these birds which fill one’s heart with peace and a big smile on the face which is a perfect way to kick start a morning. There is a big outdoor pool and extended balconies to admire the nature. This resort offers all the facilities and amenities expected from a luxury property.

  • Belum Rainforest Resort (Perak, Malaysia)

This resort is located in between a rainforest which in itself guarantees a full dose of nature for the people. You will be greeted by rare flora and fauna which looks exceptionally beautiful. If you are lucky enough, one can spot Malaysian tigers, tapirs, and Asian elephants. This resort also offers adventure tour packages to give people a bit of an adrenaline rush. From walks in thick and lush green forest, treks in the dark, and fishing. There is something for everyone.

  • Elephant Hills (Khao Sok, Thailand)

This resort is one of its kind luxury tented forest camps in Thailand. It is located in the tropical forest of Khao Sok where Asian Elephants are the king of the jungle. Children can enjoy and experience feeding, washing and communicate with these elephants. One can also savor the beautiful site of Cheow Larn Lake.

  • Thanyamundra (Khao Sok, Thailand)

This resort is situated in the mystic and one of the most ancient rainforests of Thailand. It offers breathtaking views and scenery with birds noises all over. There is also an organic farm where fresh and pure produce from rich and fertile soil is used in cooking in the resort. One can enjoy bamboo rafting and forest trekking which can be directly booked from the property only. There are only nine luxurious suites which come with a personal butler for 24*7 service.

  • Malikha Lodge (Putao, Myanmar)

It is located in the extreme north of Myanmar in the foothills of Himalaya and is accessible only by air transfer. One gets a feeling of seclusion from the materialistic world in the wilderness of the place. It is designed by well-known architect Jean Michel Gathy. A wide range of activities like river diving, white water rafting, mountain biking, and day trips to explore the dark forest and experience the culture and traditions of local tribes.

  • Popa Mountain Resort (Bagan, Myanmar)

It is located atop of a volcano and offers spectacular views of valley and city. Guests can enjoy a trip to the organic farms and activities like horse riding and mountain trekking.

  • Anahata Villas and Spa Resort ( Bali, Indonesia)

This forest is also located amidst the green forest. It is full of plunge pools much needed to relax every sore muscle along with mind and soul. Mountain bike ride and trekking are the sports available at the resort.

  • Nandini Bali (Bali, Indonesia)

It is placed stunningly on green hills of Ubud. You can relish living in traditional huts and savor spa treatment. There is also an outdoor pool along with activities like mountain bike riding and trekking.

  • Secret Paradise Resort and Turtle Sanctuary (Palawan, Philippines)

Beach lover’s heaven is the term to describe this resort. Snorkeling and getting to know the marine life and turtles is the main sport along with forest trekking.

  • Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa (Bohol, Philippines)

It offers personal Jacuzzi facility, infinity pool, lounge and spa treatments which are enough to pamper most of you out there. It also has a natural underground Cambagat Cave.