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Invest to become an Elite Resident in Thailand

With an aim of providing a virtual boost to the economic scenario of the country, the Government of Thailand has come up with an idea to provide the wealthy foreign individuals willing to stay at Thailand with visas which they have termed as the elite residency visas. The charge for the same is set to be around US$2000 dollars per a year of stay. The VISA program comes with seven different scheme options set as per the benefits that they offer. The higher end scheme includes a payment of US$60,000 dollars for a stay of 20 years duration along with a US$600 dollar annual fee towards membership. The members are entitled with a series of benefits that they can derive during their stay in the state.

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Not all can apply for an Elite Visa in Thailand. The applicant needs to satisfy some specific criteria for being eligible for the Elite Visa. The conditions for an elite membership include:

    The person should have a foreign passport.

    The applicant should abide by the immigration laws and any other laws associated with the stay of foreign individuals in Thailand.

    The person should not have any criminal record or any imprisonment sentences (except for crimes committed in negligence).

    Must not be a person with an unsound mind and should not be incompetent.

    Should not be bankrupt.

The members can have the necessary access to both the Government and private sectors of Thailand to enhance the business opportunities.


The people willing to apply for the visa can apply it online but need to produce the original documents at the time of filing. The member has an access to a great range of benefits including complimentary airport return trips, annual health check-ups, 24 spa treatments and golfing tours. The members can buy a car of their own by submitting the necessary documents. The members are also provided with a good range of investment opportunities for a boost to their business and income. The member has to visit the immigration office every year to complete the necessary procedures. The member can also choose to work in any company in the state wherein the member needs to submit all the necessary documents for the Non-B Visa. Being an Elite Visa holder can speed up the process. The family members of the visa holder have access to a great range of benefits. The children up to 14 years of age can accompany the visa holder for the stay by holding a tourist visa. However, children above 15 years of age need to upgrade their visa for their stay.


The other packages include a five-year stay plan with charges set at around US$15,000 dollars and a 10-year stay plan costing about us$30,000 dollars. Some of these plans also include considerable discounts for family members. The Government has been working to ease things up for Elite Visa holders by providing them with a great number of benefits. The Elite Visa is quite an innovative program by Thailand Government to attract wealthy individuals, especially the retirees for Thailand citizenship which would definitely have a dramatic effect on the economy of the state.

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