how to earn money online singapore through blogging

How to write a Blog and Make Money in Singapore

First of all, let’s address the biggest concern that new bloggers have. Is blogging still alive?

The answer is yes, but with a lot of reservations.

Look at some of the Big Blogs here in Singapore

Estimated monthly traffic: 1,600,000
Total social media community: 460,000

Estimated monthly traffic: 553,500
Total social media community: 1,203,000

Estimated monthly traffic: 473,100
Total social media community: 105,000

Above numbers are based on 2017

What you really need to know about Blogging in Singapore and making it BIG

Blogging isn’t easy anymore, so if you are looking for a quick shortcut to money through blogging, this article isn’t for you.

If you are willing to put the effort and go the whole ten yards, then here is a checklist to follow.

Niche, Niche, Niche!

No matter what people tell you. This is very important to consider before you embark on your blogging journey. Some niches like mobile phone reviews are packed to the hilt with competitors.

There are blogs with over millions of hits and have been around for decades in this field. Is it hard to compete?


For a new blogger, it’s important to pick a niche they are passionate about and something that has lesser competition.



Without having good content, your blog won’t go anywhere. This is a given, but how you think about content is important. A lot of amateur bloggers just write their heart out and expect big things to happen to them. It doesn’t work that way

Search engines like Google look for how users engage with your content.


Do they spend time reading?


Do they share?


Do they comment?


Let’s address these one by one.


Spend time reading 


A tell-tale sign that customers love your content is how much time they spend on your page. There is a stark difference between spending 30 seconds and 5 minutes and Google takes note.

To make sure users spend a lot of time on your page


  • Write clearly, with a lot of spacing, formatting, and headings
  • Add videos, images that aid the content and help with easy consumption
  • Use bullet points for better readability
  • Write at least 1000 words
  • Add GIF’s for humor


Your content should be shareable

Social shares play an important role in boosting your posts. Google takes social sharing as a sign that your content is unique and exquisite.

To make sure users share


  • Remind them in the content to share if they like the content
  • Add easy social sharing buttons


Have an option for users to comment


Commenting is engagement. Reading is one thing, but reading and commenting is something else. When users comment, they engage with your content for days.

The content that is created by the comments also boosts your rankings considerably.


Pure SEO

Keyword Research

Unless you are New York Times, it’s highly likely nobody will read your content unless you find what people want to know.

Keyword research is the art of finding keywords and topics to talk about that has high search demand. If more people are looking for a keyword, it’s more popular and you need to cater to it.

Although it’s not in this article’s scope to cover keyword research, there are numerous articles available that can teach you.

On-page Optimization

Optimizing begins when the article is written. There are a few main aspects that you can focus on while optimizing your article.

Internal linking

Always link to relevant content in your own website. This tells Google that you have more content on your website and makes it easy to crawl those content as well. It’s basically creating more doors for Google to scan your content.

Another important aspect of internal linking is reducing bounce rates. Bounce rates should be low. If you have a bounce rate of 70% it means 70 out of 100 people visit your page and leave immediately without engaging.

If you have relevant internal links, they’ll click through and check out other parts of your website.

Outbound links

Generosity goes a long way in SEO. Google appreciates blogs that link out to relevant and authoritative content beyond your blog. Say, for example, you are reviewing top vacuum cleaners. It would make sense for you to link out to the vacuum cleaning company’s website.

This makes Google’s life easier as it lets them know that one particular content is related to the other and it also tells Google that you work with genuine, relevant and authoritative blogs.

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How to Earn Money Online Singapore

Making Money

If after the above, you are able to generate enough consistent traffic to your website, there are a few ways you can make money.


This is the gateway to earning money online. Most websites earn money through this model. Adsense is Google’s own ad distribution system. Once you enable Adsense, you give Google the authority to distribute video, text and other relevant ads on your site.

You get paid through the impressions or clicks or conversions.


Sponsored Posts

If your website is large enough, then you will get enquiries for sponsored posts. Companies will reach out to you asking you to publish an article that talks about their product, restaurant or service. You can charge these companies a fixed sum per article or a recurring income depending on traffic.


Paid Writer

If you are more of a literary genius, then your words are worth their weight in gold. If you have a good social media following, then large publishing houses will come to you and ask you to write content on their platforms. You can earn top dollars with this system


If you want to go from amateur to professional and start earning the big bucks, then affiliates are what will get you there. An affiliate business is simple to understand.

There are businesses that sell services and products and there are customers who want to buy these services or products and connecting them is an affiliate marketer.

You are the middleman, that convinces the buyer to purchase a product or service and each time a customer purchases that said product or service, you get a commission. These commissions are a percentage of the sales and there is no limit to what product you can sell. But to be a good affiliate marketer you need to have the following


  • Great traffic with good purchasing power
  • Authority and genuineness
  • Good deals
  • Great content that convinces people to take the next step

There you have it! In this day and age, it’s hard to be a blogger, but it’s not impossible. The best way to become a great blogger is to first become a consistent blogger.

Don’t give up after writing a few articles. Keep churning out good content and keep experimenting with your marketing strategies and sooner or later you will taste success.

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