How to invest in yourself as a woman

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The plight of women has seen a complete change in today’s modern age. As compared to their role in the society centuries ago, the modern woman gets to enjoy a multitude of opportunities. Women are now of equal standing with men in all various aspects.

With all these opportunities on the plate, as a woman, it is always a question on how do you make the most of what you are given. How do you invest in yourself as a woman?

Get an education

First, get an education. Go to school. Learn the basics.

A good education is a great way to make something out of yourself. Although it is not the end-all-be-all formula to success, it can definitely give opportunities for growth and self-development.

Education is necessary because it not only helps you advance in the field that you are interested in. It also helps you learn how to build relationships and improve social skills, which are very essential if you want to be a learned person.

Your career path can be determined by the effort that you put towards your education. Moreover, it is an unshakeable foundation because no one can take your education away from you. It is solely yours.

Although it seems that some industries are male-dominated, getting an education is definitely the ladder that can help you compete with the top dogs. It gives you access and opportunities to move forward.

Socially, the education that you earn will earn you respect from society. Society tends to see an education degree as an indicator of a person that has positive qualities like a hardworking attitude, diligence, and dedication.

By getting an education, you are investing in yourself to be an asset that the society needs and respects. Moreover, you get to feel more confident about yourself.

Learn through books

To most people, reading is only a hobby that we do when we have spare time. Yet, the most successful people in the world have considered it as a habit that greatly contributed to their success. Oprah Winfrey credits much of her success to her reading at least one book a day, Warren Buffet dedicates six hours to reading, Elon Musk finishes two books a day and Bill Gates reads at least fifty books a year, among many others.

There is only so much that experience can teach us which is why reading is a great form of crafting your mind and nurturing lessons that you would not get to experience on a daily basis. Through novels, you get to take a look at a different perspective. Through self-help books, you get to see what areas of yourself need improvement.

Also, reading is directly related to speech articulation. The more you read, the more you are likely to be an effective communicator. Being eloquent is certainly a positive trait to have especially in today’s age where communication can get easily lost in translation.

As a woman, reading books helps us learn different ideas and opinions. You get to see how some people and why they think as such. It helps us become more understanding and in return, it helps us become more rational with decisions.

Investing in reading is certainly beneficial for any woman. It trains us to be smarter with decisions and it also helps us speak out. When women are knowledgeable and confident, we can resort to ourselves and be able to stand on our own.

Take care of your health

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Education and knowledge can only take you as far as where you have good health. There is a reason why many people adhere to the common saying that health is wealth. How can one enjoy herself if she cannot physically do so?

That is why it is also important to invest in having a healthy lifestyle. It all starts with a balanced diet and taking the necessary vitamins to keep you healthy. Getting at least an hour of exercise also helps in maintaining a great mood throughout the day.

While physical health is important, your mental health is just as critical. There is more to life than physical appearance and that is why you should consciously evaluate your mental health. If you feel like you are having more negative thoughts than usual, try to push yourself to do something positive and actively change your mindset.

Keep your dental appointments in check, keep your knees healthy, do not overstrain your eyes, and invest in good sleep.

These habits can help you be financially secured in the long run. Moving towards a healthy lifestyle is a step back from a life of maintenance due to diseases. Love your body and your body will reward you with a long life.

Be mindful of relationships

Some women tend to dedicate their lives in the pursuit of the perfect romantic relationship. Yet, this should not always be the case. Your manner of building relationships should not only be closeted to the romantic types.

Just as equally important is the relationship with your family, friends, and colleagues. Most importantly, the best relationship is the one with yourself. Similar to financial investment, you should not put everything in one basket. You must also in other areas so that you can get beneficial results.

In investing in a relationship, it is critical to choose the right people to have. A toxic relationship can create irreversible effects which is why it is important to be cautious and critical. Choose the right people to surround yourself with. The time you spend should be filled with encouragement, support, and love. Investing in good people helps in creating a win-win situation for both you and the other party.

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Be financially independent

As the famous ABBA song goes, “Money must be funny in a rich man’s world”. Today, such is not the case as women have emerged to become leaders and successful investors. There are over 47% women in the finance industry but only 20% of it is in senior positions. This goes to show that there is still a long way to go before women investors can be of equal numbers to men.

On the other hand, you can definitely start being a woman investor. The stock market is one of the best ways to be financially independent. In this male-dominated field, there are certain tricks that you can pull off so that you can become a great investor.

Invest in companies run by a woman

In the financial world, there is no other message of solidarity for women than to provide support to a women-led company. Of the 500 CEOs in the Fortune 500 list, only 24 of them are women, or merely 4% of the total. Moreover, the issue of women being underpaid has constantly challenged all industries on questioning how they treat female workers.

As such, when you are investing, it is safe to assume that if things go right, you could be a part of the small percentage of women CEOs. That is why you have to support women-led companies in order to make it a point that women are just as capable leaders as men.

Encourage financial literacy for women

Many women brush the idea of entering into the stock market because most of the investors are men. In addition, media has portrayed it to be a dog-eat-dog world where only the cold-hearted survives. The reality is far from fiction.

Investing is about having the right knowledge to understand how the stock market works. As such, it should be encouraged that even at a young age, girls already know the importance and difficulty of having money.

They say money makes the world go round, and it is truly so. Financial literacy is the key to have a stable lifestyle and in today’s economy where prices of commodity get higher while wages remain the same, knowing how to profit from stock markets can be greatly beneficial.

Seek mentorship from women investors

While financial knowledge is an important key to being an effective investor, it is also important to know what difficulties certain women face in the industry. As such, you could avoid surprises if there are instances where women are discriminated against.

With the right mentor, you would know how to deal with it gracefully. In addition, by learning from fellow women investors you can build a beneficial relationship by creating a network with these women who are currently running the scene.

Currently, there is still a low number of women investing in the stock market. But certainly, there is a rise in number as compared to the previous decade. Gone are the days where women expect to have a passive income by keeping their money in the bank. Today, although slowly, women are becoming interested in entering the financial world.

There are several other ways to invest in yourself as a woman, but it will always start with the determination to make yourself better. Hopefully, every woman takes advantage of the fact that today, they are afforded more opportunities in life than before.

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