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Getting discount with Amazon Bitcoin Payment

Bitcoins have been parallelly rising as a potent force in the financial world. They are nowhere in the level of ubiquitous and considering even the tech savvy haven’t started using it shows that Bitcoin needs a lot more time to come to the mainstream.

But! The companies there are companies out there building on the Bitcoin story and a lot of them accept Bitcoin as a legitimate currency. Before we get to the how, let’s figure out the what.

What the heck is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital or crypto currency that does not have a centralized banking system. One of the main features of Bitcoin is, it’s not controlled by any banking institution. This takes power away from central banks because there’s no power or authority controlling this.

Bitcoin is also based on mathematics and there can be only 21 Million Bitcoins ever created, but it can be split into many divisions if necessary. One of the main advantages of Bitcoin is the minimal processing fee. A processing fee exists because a company like VISA needs to verify a credit and a debit and keep it in their ledger. In the case of Bitcoin, there’s an open ledger that anybody can access and hence the processing fee is less.


Purchasing Products with Bitcoin and getting a Discount

There are many mainstream companies like Okcupid, Reddit, Virgin and Microsoft that accept Bitcoin for their products. Here is a full list.

So it’s established you can buy everyday products with Bitcoin, but how do you get discounts? Read further

Using Purse

Purse is a Bitcoin based discount site that helps you save a considerable amount of money. So here’s how it works


  • Add a product to the Wishlist


Go to the product page of the item you want to purchase on Amazon and click on ‘Add to Wish List’ in the bottom right corner. If you haven’t created a Wishlist, create one.



  • Modify the Wishlist



After you’ve created a Wishlist, go to ‘List Settings’ in the top right corner and when the popup opens, click on ‘View Details’.



  • Add an Address to your Wishlist



  1. Make sure your shipping address is correct.
  2. Make sure the ‘Third Party Shipping Agreement is Checked’
  3. Make sure ‘Don’t spoil my surprises is Unchecked’



  • Get your link URL



In your Wishlist section, click on the Share button.
amazon huge discount with bitcoin

You will see a popup, copy the link URL.


  • Submit your Link to Purse


Now, go to Pulse and sign-up for an account.

Step 1 : Go to the Shop Page and click on the ‘Name your Discount’ button

Step 2 : Paste your Wishlist link in the popup box that appears and click on the ‘Go’ button

If the ‘Name your Discount’ button doesn’t appear for some reason, paste your URL directly in the search field titled – “Search for anything on Amazon and beyond”. This is another way of adding your order to the cart



  • Name your Discount


amazon bitcoin discount

You can use the sliding bar to choose your discounts. If you want a good discount and receive the product on time, choose the 15% discount. Also, do not modify your Amazon wish list, because that will cause errors with Purse and your order will not be completed. So, do not modify the wish list section after you’ve submitted the URL to Purse.


In the Checkout page, you can pay with Bitcoin and you would have successfully bought a product with Bitcoin which is amazing.

The future of Bitcoin looks strong, although adoption is slow, things are changing. It can be a game changer, if celebrities and companies start endorsing the use of Bitcoin.

Go get your discounts with bitcoin now!