wealth of bill gates

Gates Wealth reaches a record high

In 1999, just before the new Millenium dawned upon us, Bill Gate’s networth surpassed the $100 Billion mark for a brief period of time and for the first time. The Media called him a Centi-Billionaire.

The man is back again.

Bill gates currently is at a networth of $90 Billion. Making him again the richest man in the world. Soon he’ll surpass the $100 Billion mark. Bill gates has absolutely conquered the richest man in the world list.

Out of the 22 years he’s been around, he’s been the richest for 17 years. Everybody knew that Microsoft was the king of software’s in the 90’s and they were doing exceedingly well. But in the early 2000’s and basically after Bill Gate’s exit, the company hasn’t done that well.

Inspite of this, Bill gate’s wealth has increased and he is consistently in the top 3 of the richest men in the world. This is because of his Investments.

Bill gates has his own fund and his own fund manager who invests all his wealth.  His investments are collectively under a fund called Cascade Investment. They are managed by Michael Larson.  Michael Larson manages over $80 Billion and is one of the main reasons for Bill Gate’s wealth to increase  at such a rapid pace.

So what caused Gates’ massive increase in net worth?

Cascade Investments had invested in the Canadian National Railway, as well as Ecolab. Ecolab is an American company that deals with clean water and energy technology. They have clients in multiple Industries. Cascade Investments holds a 14% stake in Ecolab. He also holds a 10% stake in Canadian Railway, making him the largest shareholder in both the companies.

It’s not like he’s counting but Bill Gates’s wealth has increased by $15 billion this year and also has $13.5 billion more than Amancio Ortega, who is a Spanish fashion magnate. His company Inditex SA owns the extremely famous ZARAs.

The increase in the price of his holding companies resulted in $680 million being added to his wealth in a single day. Gates is so rich that his networth is 0.5% of the United States’ GDP. The US has the largest GDP in the world.

Gates’ investments are well diversified around investments in publicly traded stocks as well as private institutions. He has invested in real estate. He owns a few very large mansions as well as private islands.  He owns a few rare artefacts as well as select cars.

For Bill Gate’s it definitely helps that one of his best friends is the best investor in the world and also a Billionaire. Warren Buffet.

Bill Gates has mentioned that Warren Buffet has helped him take his investments more seriously and generate value. Bill Gates is a smart man and has all the bells and whistles in place to keep his investments growing.

But, he’s also a good man. He spends most of his time on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. His foundation isn’t just a charity organisation. They look to solve real word problems by tackling it head on.