best fuel saving car 2018

Most fuel efficient CARs in Singapore 2018

There is a wide array of cars available in the market that provides a lush design as well as specs to the customers. Talking about the cars that are the most fuel efficient when it comes to driving in Singapore, these cars can cater to your economical driving needs in a lucid manner.

Lowest Fuel Consumption Car Singapore

Today we’ll list the best 5 cars under the fuel-efficient tag:

1. Mercedes Benz e300 (hybrid variant)

The Mercedes-Benz Bluetec E300 hybrid sedan variant is one of the most popular cars in the country when it comes to fuel efficiency as well as affordability. For executive buyers, one can obtain a great deal of comfort as well as pricing with this hybrid derivation from the production house of Mercedes around the world. Talking about mileage of the mighty car, all-classy Mercedes Benz e300 (hybrid variant) features a gaudy mileage of 4.1L per 100 km. With a ravishing front chrome grille, the car can be the best pick for your executive endeavours.

2. BMW 320d

If you’re looking forward to a car having premium amenities like climate control, wipers and even automatic lights, then BMW 320 320d can be your out of the box pick. The car encapsulates a great deal of beauty packed with designed. Features such as office styled cabin, lush lighting, gaudy LED DRL’s etc. come handy with the car. One can clearly leverage the magical touch of metal highlights around the body of the car. Electronic wipers, leather seats, touch infotainment system are given by the manufacturer. Talking about the tyres, the car has 16-inch alloys providing an eye-catchy feel to the user. Cabin space adds grandeur to the pride of the BMW. The mileage of the beauty stands at 3.8-L per 100 km with diesel as fuel trim.

3. Citroen DS5 2.0

The sedan car features a length of 4530 mm and a ravishing body height of 1539 mm for the users. When it comes to maximum speed, Citroen DS5 can go as high as 216 kilometres per hour. With a housed engine producing over 160 bhp in its vicinity, the same has been cloaked at 3750 rpm by the company. Wheelbase is something the car is famous for. With 2727 mm of grand wheelbase, Citroen DS5 can be your perfect pick for car-related endeavours. The car can accommodate as high as 5 individuals at a time. You can accelerate from 0 to 100 in a matter of 8.5 seconds, that’s it.

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4. All-new Peugeot 2018

The car can be regarded as a connoisseur of design and specs. Starting with the exterior appeal, the automatic lighting of the car is breaking the stereotypes. The read LED DRL’s are breath-taking and catchy as well. When it comes to the interior, the seats are covered with high-quality leather. The steering wheel encapsulates a posh appeal with a deemed rake adjustable steering column under its vicinity. Other features that come handy with the car are child safety lock, a pressure sensor for tyres, airbag deactivation module for passengers and much more. The CC 1560 engine is capable of churning out 92 bhp of massive power in its vicinity. The recorded torque of the same stands at 170 Nm for all the models in the segment. Let’s throw some limelight on the fuel consumption of the car, with a fuel efficiency of 3.8-L per 100 kilometres, get ready to experience the classic performance. The car is only available in a digital type fuel trim to the users. Other features are cruise control, speed limiter, trip computer, traction control, ESP and much more.

5. Toyota Prius

When we talk about delivering a booming level of acceleration etc., the car might not be able to cater that. But, what comes as a great fact is that Toyota Prius is one of the leading cars in the company providing decent mileage and best bang for your buck. With a 1.8-L engine, the quad-cylinder engine trim leverages its potential and produces around 121 horsepower for the users. The car is also available on other trims like electric and also a CVT trim, i.e. Continuously variable automatic transmission. With an efficient of 3.8-L per 100 kilometres, the car is all set for your fuel-efficient car needs.

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