How to ensure you meet your resolutions in 2018

2018 resolutions for all singapore investors

There are a lot of people around the globe who make resolutions every new year and they are damn sure that they will follow it. But there is another truth to it. Most of the people tend to break their resolution after only following it for a month. Usually, the resolutions are made to get more success in life and sometimes they are very hard to keep but there are several ways which will help you to keep your new year resolution.

According to some specialists, the success usually comes when there is only one resolution. More resolution will put more pressure on you hence there is a big chance that you fail to keep them. With one resolution, you will feel more relaxed and more determined to complete it. Some of the most common resolutions of 2018 are meeting fitness goals, health transformation, quit drinking and smoking, travel more, learn new things, get out of debt, try to sleep more. So now here are some tips which will help you to achieve your goal or resolution this year.

  • Take a friend’s help: Everyone likes to be fit. But after sometime, the desire dips as you will like to rest at home watching TV other than working hard at the gym. People like to do gym more when they are with friends and that’s a truth which no one can deny. Some people like to post the photos of their physical development in social media and believe it or not, that’s one of the most successful ways as then your friends in social media will motivate you to do more and get in shape or maintain the shape. In a survey, it is proved that there is a 36% more chance of being fit if you put your picture on social media.
  • Take help of Technology: There a lot of apps and gadgets nowadays which can track your health so if you want to keep a track of your fitness why not use them. You can buy a Garmin watch, tech smart watch that looks classic but it is very handy in tracking your activities, heart rate, and sleep patterns. If you hate the gym, you can surely use some new apps and start your own meditation at home. This is affordable and surely less costly than the gym. There are also some apps, which will help you build some great healthy habits. The treatment they give is like a virtual trainer. If you don’t know which apps or gadgets to use, you can surely ask about them to your friends in social media.

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  • Be healthy be active: There are literally a lot of apps that can help you to achieve your goals in 2018 by keeping track of it. Your overall health picture can be seen there. Spire, is a health monitoring device which checks all using advanced algorithms, real-time health guidance, stress, and daily activity tracker. It continuously analyzes your heart rate and breathing.
  • Changing the bed can increase sleep time: Spire and Motiv Ring can surely track your sleep time but to get more sleep, there are a whole lot of things to do to increase the timing. If this is your 2018 resolution, I assure you that you are not alone as this is a problem of many people mostly woman. 81% of women sleep less than they need and it is proved in a health report. So start with a good and clean sleep routine this new year. Use your common sense while creating the routine. The most important thing you must do is just use your bed for two things. Now, you are wondering what those two things are? Those two things are sleep and intimacy. Other than these two do all other activities outside your bed and if possible outside your room so you do not provoke yourself to get up on the bed. If you do that properly there is a strong chance that when you get into your room and sit on your bed, you will only think of sleep and nothing else. So that will be the time when you will be thinking to set a sail to your dreamland. Try to avoid sleeping at day to get a sound sleep at night. Doing exercise while daytime is also good for sleep as it will increase the temperature of your body leading to a sound sleep at night.

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  • Roam around to witness the world: According to some reports, traveling brings the best out of you. So, if you have a resolution of traveling the world in 2018, it is surely a good one. People tend to travel alone or travel in a couple more than a family according to some reports. And if for some reason you feel alone and want a partner to travel with you especially a girl partner, there are literally over 500,000 women looking for partners like you in several websites so you don’t have to worry about that. Choose your perfect match and start the journey. To know more about traveling and to fill you with interest, there are a lot of apps on traveling. There are also various sites which pay for writing your travel experiences so your traveling becomes free of cost.

Now, what is more important while making resolutions for a new year? The three most important things are motivation, commitment, and perseverance. You must know your limits and that’s how you can draw your goals. Honestly being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is a big thing you should consider. For that, you can read some books and also watch some motivational videos. You must celebrate with your each progress. That will surely convince you to get your goal on a regular basis.

Love your body and try not to be harsh on it or it can go all wrong. If you can see after a few months that a resolution is not working in a perfect way for you, don’t think twice before changing it to a suitable one.

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