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In Demand Jobs in Singapore for both Locals and Foreigners 2019

Finding jobs has become much tougher in Singapore as before. This may be because of doom in some of the industries while certain new industries are blooming. So, is Singapore facing job crisis? In fact, we have heard some of the high demands jobs in Singapore. So if there is rumoured job crisis, where and in which sector such high demand jobs are available? Do Not worry we will let you know about these jobs and the roles and qualifications needed for them for a better perspective.

In-demand jobs in Singapore for Locals and Foreigners 2019

Jobs in Healthcare Sector

The population is on an increasing trend in Singapore and with the population increase, there is an increase in jobs in the healthcare sector. According to the reports, there is a need of around 9000 extra workforces in the healthcare sector.  The healthcare Industry is said to be growing gradually with more than 30,000 employees needed by 2020.

Some of the healthcare jobs offered in recent times are Nurses, Allied Health professional, and Occupational therapists.

Job role of Healthcare professional

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  • Improving the standard of living/lifestyle of the people with specials care and needs.
  • To perform medical and nursing treatments.
  • Performing routine clinical checkups of the patients with regards to mental and Physical aspects.

Qualifications required for such healthcare Jobs

  • An individual holding Nitec/ Diploma Degree in Nursing, a degree in Diagnostic Radiographer, a Physiotherapist, one who have an Occupational Therapist degree or a Radiation Therapist can apply for these jobs.
  • If you do not hold any of the above-stated degrees then you can go for a Professional Conversion program.

Jobs in Cyber Security Sector

cybersecurity jobs singapore

Cyber Security is a sector which has gradually made its place in the midst of various sectors. The increase in a number of online access to personal information has increased the threat of security of such data thus leading to increase in number if jobs in Cybersecurity sector. They are the ones who protect us from such fraudsters.

Some of the posts you can apply for are Cyber Security Engineer, Network Security Engineer in Cyber Security,  Cyber risk or Cyber Forensic Engineer to name a few.

Job role of Cyber Security Specialist

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  • A Cybersecurity officer makes sure to install and monitor the security networks and systems.
  • Defend against any Unknown or unauthorized access or changes.
  • Perform tasks like risk analyses, testing of any sort of vulnerabilities or any other of such sort.
  • The specialist Make sure to install supporting security tools like Anti Virus programs, Firewalls etc.

Qualifications required for Cyber Security Jobs

  • A Degree pertaining to It sector
  • Certification of Ethical hacking or a certified Hacker
  • Experience in network troubleshooting, IT Security Administration, and servers.

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Jobs in Data Science Sector

As the world is going digital, there is much easy access to personal information online. With more of such data, there is need of employees who are able to analyze such information, create insights and have machine learning knowledge.

Data Science Posts

Some of the roles you might apply for in Data Science are Data Engineer, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts.

Job role of Data Science specialists

  • Identifying and searching for Data problems from the available data which have the potential to offer some big opportunities to the company.
  • Should be able to apply and work upon data and come up with algorithms to restore huge information.
  • Should have a keen eye on latest out comings which help in the analysis of the information letting them identify the trends as well as Patterns of it.
  • Only Analysing does not complete the job, interpreting the same available data to identify some of the new outcomes or opportunities is also one of the main roles.
  • To have a communication flow between stakeholders and let them inform about all the findings with help of visualization and other techniques.

Qualification required for Data Science job

  • To be able to apply for the above-stated posts, you must have a Bachelors or a Master degree, even a  Doctoral Degree in any of the subjects of Maths, Statistics, Computer Science or equal as these.
  • You must be knowledgeable in SQL and should know at least one of the languages like Python/ R/ Java or Scala.

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