Best Stock Market Trading Programmes and Workshops in Singapore

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Trading in the markets isn’t easy.

Trading without any learning is a recipe for disaster. But why do most people get stuck with trading?

Its because they don’t learn enough and it’s too damn hard to learn.

When you see a Youtube video on how to trade terms like Price Action, Trend Lines, Moving Averages, Fibonacci are just dropped. To make sense of the entire sentence, you’ll have to go through various other videos and it becomes an infinite loop where all your doing is moving from video to video trying to grasp the basics.

Even after grasping the concepts, executing is a different beast all together. What times to use? What technical indicators to follow? When is the right exit?

The truth is, even professional traders lose a lot of money. People with decades of experience lose money. Nobody can conquer the market. But the amount they lose and how often they lose makes a big difference.

When professional traders lose, they lose small and they lose lesser number of times than inexperienced traders.

Getting to that level of knowledge requires time, effort, dedication and perseverance but in my opinion you need a mentor. A mentor who guides you through the process, coaches you, corrects your mistakes instantly and helps you protect your capital.

So we are reviewing the top courses, guides and mentors in Singapore that can help you become a trader.

Trading courses for beginners Singapore

Rayner Teo

rayner teo sg invest course

Rayner Teo is an experienced and full-time professional trader who trades for himself. He is also an educator. He runs a facebook community with over 10,000 people and discusses strategies and helps polish your rough concepts there.

Based on the free lead magnets he gives in his website, it’s clear that Rayner’s conceptual knowledge is strong.

There is no 1 on 1 training. It’s a free platform to interact with fellow traders to discuss strategies. It’s recommended for people who have some experience trading or at least have a basic knowledge of trading.


Trading Academy

online trading academy

Started in 2007, Trading Academy is a traditional training institute. They deal with all aspects of trading like Futures, Stocks and Forex. They conduct Free Workshops in different parts of the world including Singapore and convert the attendees to paid users.

Here is an example of a class. It’s mandatory to attend a free class if you want to upgrade. This helps in setting expectations and makes it clear to the attendee if the course is a right fit for them, and what’s in store.

The paid workshops cost about $5000 for 5 days of training.


SGX Academy

sgx academy

The SGX Academy is the official retail investor trading and investing training platform provided by the Singapore Stock Exchange. They conduct programmes throughout the year about various topics on Investing and Trading.

The instructors generally are independent contractors who run their own trading schools. 

Some trainings like this one are very reasonably priced at $35.


Synapse Trading

Synapse Trading is a community and education platform created by the dynamic Spencer Li. Having over 10 years of experience as a trader he’s a full time trader who manages his own businesses.

He offers a practical trading training workshop which is called the Synapse Mastery Program.  For SGD4980 you got two days with spencer where he sits with you and guides you through the nuts and bolts of trading.

He also has a foundation workshop which is an online self paced module where he guides you through the process of Trading. This is for free and it’s absolutely worth it!


Technical Analysis Society Singapore


The Technical Analysts Society is well, a society with members who practice the art of technical analysis. It costs $145 for a yearly membership and the benefits include attending monthly tass events for free, access to exclusive web content and tass’ library of books.

It also offers networking opportunities and a degree in technical analysis. This is a great platform for those who like self-learning and also for those who want to mingle with other traders. The courses and content from tass are extensive and is recommended to beginners and advanced traders alike.

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Concept of Price

concept of price

Marcus Tay’s concept of price is aimed at those folk who want to make a second income from trading. He offers paid workshops and free workshops, from which the latter will give you an idea of how good the training is.

His expertise is in the concept of high speed trading that helps traders identify quickly trading strategies and ideas.


Wealth Academy


Wealth Academy is the brainchild of Adam Khoo. Adam Khoo came to prominence as Singapore’s youngest self-made millionaire when he was 26 years old.

He runs Wealth Academy apart from various businesses. At Wealth Academy they focus on providing trading training for beginners and educate the masses on financial literacy.

Their latest workshop which lasts for four days is scheduled to start on the 22nd of March.

They cover a range of topics including trading psychology which is key to trading.

So there you have it. The best training one can give themself is a paid training course. This helps in establishing a mentor and having paid money will give you more impetus to try harder in the world of trading.


Disclaimer : Investollo does not guarantee success in trading or the stock markets just on the basis of attending these workshops.

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