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Best Cryptos to INVEST in 2018

Cryptocurrency a passing fad? A bubble? A scam? Well, it’d be evident to say that cryptocurrencies are the new boon for investors. Literally a week before Christmas, a cryptocurrency called Ripple (XRP) doubled its value from a dollar to $2.45 today. We can say 2018 can be the year where an array of cryptocurrencies might double themselves in value, you never know how many currencies quadruple themselves as well. Although there is much inflation when it comes to the existence of these cryptos, many of these might disappear from the market soon, crypto’s craze can be related to any new company’s craze and that too on steroids. Newly formed ventures are forming their own digital currency with no problem with finding potential investors. In this article, we’ll talk about the best crypto to invest in the current fiscal year, 2018.

Here is the list of the cryptos that showcase the tremendous potential for the investment and returns:

1. Lite Coin (LTC)

If Bitcoin is gold then Lite Coin can be referred to silver. Founded by a former Google employee Charlie Lee, the coin has risen up to +6,025% in just last 12 months. Lite Coin has a market cap of $13.95 billion USD. For those who’re looking forward to a potential-filled alternative to Bitcoin, Lite Coin can be a state of the art pick. What comes as a great fact is that it takes much less time to process a transaction over Lite Coin. Also, the mining process of Lite Coin is a bit different from that of Bitcoin, it is done for the purpose of ensuring equal participation of users around the world. With a coin limit of 84 million, around 54 million coins have already been minted. When we talk about Bitcoin, 16.7 million coins are already in circulation with a maximum threshold of 21 million.

2. Monero (XMR)
With a market cap of more than $5.95 billion USD, Monero is breaking stereotypes amidst the newly formed cryptos. Well, unlike Lite Coin, the creator of Monero is anonymous, but this crypto surely encompasses potential for investment and fruitful returns. Anonymity is the main appeal of Monero. When it comes to detail of every single transaction, whether it’s about receiver, sender or even size, every bit of it is highly secured and untraceable. Although, the information is projected in a public ledger, just like Bitcoin, but is obfuscated in nature. In other words, not even any governmental institution can connect dots when we talk about knowing about the sender and receiver of any transaction.

What comes as a shocking yet interesting fact is that, hackers behind the WannaCry online ransomware used Monero as the method for accepting payments. Simply, the currency is a win-win for cybercriminals. But, you can attain anonymity of highest level as well with added ease by making use of Monero. In the latest advancement, Monero doesn’t have any maximum coin circulation limit, currently, there are over 15.5 million coins already circulated in the market.

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3. Neo

neo coin singapore
Profoundly known as Ethereum of China, it is expected that if the Republic of China eases its take on cryptocurrencies and its stance of ICOs, Neo will explode. Ethereum currently has a market cap of over $61 billion, therefore we can say Neo encapsulates a huge deal of development. Talking about Neo’s performance in the fiscal year 2017, the coin rose over +83,570%. With a market cap of a little over $5.86 billion USD, Neo can be your best pick if you’re thinking about investing in cryptos. Founded by Da Hongdei and Erik Zhang of China, Neo awaits huge endeavors. Neo was originally known as Ant shares in the year 2014, today out of 100 million total coins, around 65 million coins are in circulation.

4. Cardano (Ada)

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With a blooming market cap of $20.21 billion USD, Cardano is yet another potential-filled entry in our list of best cryptos to invest in 2018. The coin rose over +3,296% in a matter of just 3 months since its inception in October 2017. IOHK i.e. Input Output Hong Kong is behind the creation of Cardano, they are blockchain developer. It is believed that Cardano can be a real contender to the second highest trending currency Ethereum. With its coins called Ada, Cardano exploded and experienced a blooming growth in just a few months. The coin went on breaking into the top 10 cryptos when we talk about the market cap. Today, it stands at 13th position. Cardano is the preferred choice for private transactions, it is also responding to the needs of regulators, thus, it is expected that the currency is fit for mass adoption. The crypto tackles the aspects like scalability, sustainability as well as interoperability in a splendid way. Although, the framework of Cardano is in its early stages the ever-increasing growth of the same indicates Ada towards a fruitful investment platform. Out of 45 billion Cardano coins, 26 billion are already in circulation.

5. Ripple (XRP)

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The cryptocurrency performed exceptionally well in 2017 and rose over +41,040%. Ripple has a current market cap of $95.45 billion USD. Ryan Fugger is the creator is the crypto, the same was launched in the year 2012. Ripple is seen as the immediate logical successor of Bitcoin in the market. New York Times once referred the crypto as a cross amidst currency exchange & Western Union. Ripple is not just any other cryptocurrency, but it is a diverse system on which even Bitcoin can be traded and that too without any added fees. Ripple has connected payment providers, Banks, digital asset exchanges and merchants as well. A frictionless transaction is what is achievable through making use of Ripple. The currency is gaining more limelight as the time passes and hence, it is suitable for investment.

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Thus, cryptos are encompassing huge potential for growth, masses have doubled their investment. For obtaining the best bang for your buck, the above-mentioned pool of cryptos can be your pick. Seamless transactions, privacy as well robust infrastructure appeal can be achieved through a cryptocurrency only.