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6 WAYS to STAY FIT without spending much in Singapore

The modern day lifestyle requires everyone to free some room from their regular work schedule and use this time to take care of the body. However the rising costs of carrying out these activities like the gym fees, the cost of the gym equipment, the cost of hiring a trainer etc. have been pressurizing the people to stay away from these even though he wishes to stay fit. Instances suggest that being fit can make you financially fit as well. This can be derived from the fact that a physically fit person is always enthusiastic and energetic in his approach and is willing to take up more challenging tasks. Thus he is suitably paid as well. As a matter of fact, it is also true that the persons who are financially fit can be physically fit as well since they can pay the necessary fees to take care of the health. This gives rise to a somewhat end to end connected chain.


Since not everyone is well up to pay high prices for taking care of health, the budget-friendly fitness options play a crucial role. These options help in staying fit and do not require any high prices to be paid. These methods can be easily adopted without much of an investment. The following are some such methods that can be adopted for staying fit.


The app stores on Android, iOS, and Windows are lately flooded with a number of fitness tracking application software. These apps help in maintaining a close track of the health-related progress and changes of a person. These apps have started coming with a range of advanced features including sleep monitoring, calorie count, steps counting, heart rate monitors. These apps also enable milestone set by the user and depict timely progress. With such a great assistant by the side, it becomes easy to achieve the fitness target by maintaining a suitable fitness regime. Various fitness tracking apps that currently rule the market are Fitnet, Sworkfit, Blogilates etc. Tech giants like Google and Apple have also come up with their own fitness tracking apps in a view of the increasing popularity of these apps.

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These are the things that do not directly contribute to your venture of achieving fitness. Hence one can spend the least on the gear. Set aside all the temptations pertaining to those colourful and fancy gear and go for the cheaper ones. One can easily find choices on various online shopping sites. One could also wait for discount offers before buying.

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With the increasing needs, the fees of the gyms have also been on the boom. There are several gyms which provide membership depending upon the income of the person. If one is budget conscious, he can prefer an enrolment in these gyms rather than the posh elite ones which charge a heavy amount.


It should be noted that most of the workouts carried out in the gym by the usage of equipment can be easily carried out at home without them. Making use of the body weight to work out is one of the best natural methods one can stick to for staying fit. Squats, push ups, crunches, triceps dips, back extensions etc are some among the many available bodyweight workout exercises that provides significant results. Yoga is also quite useful in maintaining a sound body.

6. Join Free Exercises Classes in Singapore

Head on to Health club on the timetable of free exercises classes.

Alternatively, join Singapore Sports Hub – HERE to get access to fun activities that will make you Sweat.

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These budget-friendly fitness options provide a great kickstart to one’s venture towards achieving fitness. However necessary changes can be introduced in these with time, depending on the requirements and increasing budget. Thus a fit body is not that far if start with these small measures right away.