4 best investors in the world and what you can learn from them

There are some people who know to make money with money. How many of you us can be confident to say that I’ll make $100,000 into $1 Million. It is definitely a hard task and it takes years and years of understanding the world, the world of business and have a keen eye for opportunities.

To make it in this world, in terms of wealth, you need to listen really well and take advantage of gaps. There are a lot of investors in this world and they are able to tap into opportunities that bring them billions. We want to cover five top investors and what lessons we can learn from them.

Warren Buffet

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People must be bored reading articles that lists Warren Buffet in it. But, he is the undisputed king of investing and has managed to forge ahead and be the top investor over decades. There are many things one can learn from Warren Buffet, but the most important investment tip one can learn from his is to understand two things extremely well. The business one is going to invest in and the value you’ll be paying for it as well.

Understanding a business gives you perspective on what works and what doesn’t work in the business. The problems in the future and what can affect the longevity of the business. Knowing the price helps you not overpay, hence increasing your gains considerably.

Carl Icahn

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Carl Icahn is the called the King. Starting out as a stock broker, he’s known to have mastered leveraged buyouts to control the company and make it profitable. His main tip is to be obsessed about whatever you are working on. His due diligence breaks through every minute detail and makes him aware of every bigger picture item and every small picture item. He uses this information to his benefit. If you do research like Carl Icahn, you can be a billionaire as well.

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George Soros

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George Soros is the man who cashed in during the Black Friday stock market crash in Britain. It was one of the smoothest investing moves in the world, which netted him a $1 Billion.  That was a time when the situation was choppy and it wasn’t a great time for Investing. The best investors take their guns out when the situation is hard. Human sentiment is not something they succumb to. When the markets crash, that is when they rise. George Soros’ best advice is to take advantage when things aren’t rosy, that is when the prices are low and everybody is selling in a mad rush. That is when you buy and make windfalls.

Peter Thiel

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A twist to the traditional investor. Peter Thiel has made money with Paypal and Facebook. He has been one of the most successful venture capital investors in recent history. He also has been an entrepreneur, which gives him hardcore experience and he realises what it takes to start a business. One of the best tips he gives is to look for opportunities in businesses that are changing the face of the earth. They are completely original and change the way the world works. More often than not, a business like that becomes a $1 Billion business. As an Investor, you can get a bigger pie from a business that is not yet listed in the market.

Embodying these tips from these top investors can put you ahead of the curve.

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