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10 Affordable Resale HDB Estates to BUY in Singapore

Singapore is a place where the cost of living has been sky rocketing and has reached a whole new level. The property rates in Singapore have become so high that it has become quite stretched for a young couple to afford their dream home. However the demand for the ecstatic Build To Order flats have been remaining high but the need for cheaper housing options in Singapore is also increasing in parallel. The HDB flats come to the rescue in such cases. These are the ready to move in resale flats which are often bigger in size and do not prove to be much heavy on the pockets. There is a fairly wide variety of options for those willing to take a HDB resale unit in Singapore and that too at a cheaper price.


Apart from those posh localities where the price of resale units are quite high, there are certain places which come as a relief for all those willing to get a resale HDB flat at a cheaper price. The following are some of the areas in Singapore which one could consider to get a HDB flat at:


One can easily get a HDB resale property in the north east region of Singapore at a price of about $397 per square foot. The region is well connected with the rest of the city with the LRT and MRT networks which eliminates any trouble of convenience. Most of the HDB properties in Sengkang are new and offer great price to benefit ratio.

Here is a video by youtubber Lonely Labs


Although this place of Singapore is often associated with mishaps and controversies, one can always find cheap housing in this part of the city. HDB resale flats are available at prices as low as $396 per square foot here at Yishun. If one does not have problems with all these happenings, one can definitely consider getting a flat in this region of Singapore. However the authorities are also taking steps to curb all these mishaps.

Funny article by youtubber Jian Hao about living in Yishun.


This location is probably the nearest to the Central Business District in Singapore. This place is the most accessible region in the city. One can easily get resale HDB flats at prices as cheap as $383 per square foot in this region of the city.

History of Tai Seng


The locality would provide the residents with amazing views of the Seletar Reservoir which is just a few metres away from most of the HDB properties in this region. Resale HDB properties are available at about $378 per square foot. Khatib is located at the border of Yishun which implies that the residents would get a slight dose of the mishaps and controversies in the region.

Do you know Khatib has the biggest adventure park?


Woodlands is easily accessible from the busy markets of Johor Baru and HDB flats are available at prices as low as $371 per square foot. Getting a flat here at Woodlands would surely lead to shorter travelling times.

Definitely “A star of the north”


If you are a nature lover then you would definitely find the flats at Bukit Gombak really fascinating. The flats here are also available at $371 PSF.

You ought to explore the natural trail if you decide the become the resident here.


This is a former naval base and the HDB Resale properties are available at around $357 per square foot. The region is named after the Sembawang river and is one of the best places to get cheap housing in Singapore.

The only hot spring in Singapore is here!

  • YEW TEE:

This region lies around the Kranji Army Detention Camps and is a great place to invest in HDB Resale flats due to its quiet atmosphere. The properties are available at around $341 per square foot.

Here a video to showcase the environment.


Admiralty is located near Yew Tee and the properties are available at $339 per square foot. One of the biggest advantages of getting a home in this region is the easily accessible medical facilities owing to its own health centre.

HDB had established the KAMPUNG Admiralty in 2017, touted to be the first retirement village.


It is one of the oldest housing societies in the western region of Singapore. The place is picturesque with a good number of parks and scenic beauties. HDB Resale flats are available at $330 per square foot.

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A drone footage to showcase the full Choa Chu Kang.


If you are looking for a good housing option here at Singapore and are a little low on the budget, the above listed areas must be considered to get a good property. All these housing options are decently priced and lie on the lower strata as compared to other BTO housing options at posh areas. Go on, get your dream house without making a bigger hole in the pockets.

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